We have created a line of products that are mindfully formulated and produced without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients. Clean beauty for us is a holistic term that includes ingredients that are ethically sourced, products that are made by keeping the health of our body and ecology of mother earth in mind.

Our skincare line of products is formulated to give you maximum results with minimal effort and time. We use active ingredients that are considered safe, suit all skin types and loved by dermatologists, combined with highly efficacious superfoods based natural ingredients in the most concentrated and purest forms possible.

Each product that we formulate is first evaluated on ingredients, efficacy and packaging. We have incredibly high standards when choosing our ingredients and adhere to a long list of ingredients that we formulate without. Read more about Notorious Nines ingredients here.


We Are Vegan & Cruelty Free: We truly believe that Mother Nature created every being equally. Therefore, we have made a conscious and aware decision of creating our entire line of products vegan and cruelty free. Certified as vegan & cruelty free from PETA, we make sure that no animals or animal derived ingredients were involved in our product line.

No Notorious Nines: We give equal importance to what should not be there in the product as much as we do to what should be there. We steer clear from any ingredient that is a proven toxin, hypoallergenic and comodogenic.

More Than 93% Natural: Each product is made with more than 93% of natural or naturally derived ingredients. Not all natural ingredients are safe. Not all synthetics are toxic. Hence, we mindfully choose every ingredient in our formulations keeping product efficacy and your safety in mind. For any function or effect, if a natural ingredient does the job, that is what we prefer, albeit at a higher raw material cost.


We Care About Mother Earth: Every day we are striving to do better for mother earth by making conscious decisions of using sustainable and recyclable packaging, hence inching our way towards reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint. Read more about our Sustainability efforts here.

Transparency: We follow a full disclosure policy for ingredients on our website and product packaging. Additionally, we believe what is not in the products is as important as what is. Hence, we have explained the philosophy behind excluding the Notorious Nines. family of ingredients from our entire range of products.

In-House R&D and Manufacturing: We formulate and manufacture our own products to ensure that we deliver the quality and results that we promise. Right from establishing our first R&D lab to our first retail store and launching online pan India, we consciously strive to ensure quality during every step in progress.


Fresh Superfoods as Main Base: We freshly source and handpick our superfoods to convert them into highly potent extracts that are the main base of our formulations. Read more about Superfood ingredients here.

Extremely Potent & Safe Formulations: We consciously and mindfully choose actives that are super effective, naturally derived, and are not hypoallergenic. All our products are tested for proven results on a closed group of volunteers before their launch.


Know our founders

" I co-created La Mior keeping our end-users’ and mother earth’s well being in mind. Passionate about skincare since a very young age, botanicals always intrigued me. I wanted to create a line of clean beauty products that gives you maximum results with minimum effort and time. High performing natural botanicals combined with super effective, naturally derived actives is our key product formulation philosophy. "

Aakriti Jayant Chhaparia (Co-Founder, IIM Ahmedabad Alum)

" I have followed Aakriti's passion into the business. Right from making our first handmade soap from ingredients bought in the local farmer's market, to setting up our first lab and manufacturing, it has been a steep learning curve. Her passion and knowledge about clean beauty helped us build a range of products we could proudly offer our friends and family at first, and now to a wider world, one unit at a time. "

Shaunak Chhaparia (Co-Founder, IIT Bombay & IIM Ahmedabad Alum)