The name La Mior is inspired by the Friulian word miôr, meaning better or the best. It is at the heart of everything we do. We seek inspiration from the purest elements of nature, the finest art and the most aesthetic designs to arrive at the most innovative and the simplest solutions to the ideals we strive for.

We believe that the authenticity and craftsmanship required to build something unique takes years of single-minded focus and dedication to the consumer and the product. Our vision is to build a brand around these principles so that the natural beauty of every individual shines and achieves what it is capable of.

At La Mior, we are curating upscale products with the finest ingredients from across the globe. We believe that whatever we put on our skin should be nourishing and healthy. In accordance with this, all our products are made from the highest quality raw materials including oils, butters, waxes, fruits, flowers and herb infusions.


We Make Our Own Products

No outsourcing, ever. This is a core mantra behind the brand. We imagine, develop and make products under a single roof. This ensures an extremely quick turnaround. It also helps us build at lightning speeds and keeps our products fresh when they reach your home.

Custom Formulations

We have gone the extra mile to make all the recipes using the safest and the highest quality ingredients for the best results. This meant a lot of time spent in R&D, proprietary formulations and hundreds of iterations to arrive at the final product that makes everyone go voila! We are also working tirelessly to better our existing recipes and introduce new items every day.

Quality Control

These are some of the strict guidelines we follow:

  • 100% vegetarian
  • Cruelty-free: No animal testing
  • Natural ingredients
  • Safe synthetics*

* Free of parabens, sulphates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, petroleum-based waxes, mineral oils

Fresh Beauty 

Freshly sourced ingredients like fruits, essential oils, plant extracts have always been effectively used to boost beauty by keeping the radiance and youthfulness of the skin. We at La Mior are dedicated to combining such natural ingredients with modern science to build fresh products that are effective, nutritious and hydrating to the body and the skin. All our products are custom made in small quantities so that they reach extremely fresh at your doorstep.


Our products are self-preserving wherever possible. A whole range of products including crème lipstick, face oil, mineral foundation, blush, highlighters does not have any added preservatives. This is done using our natural ingredients that are combined in such a way that the products are stable and have a long shelf life without the addition of any extra stabilizing agents. Even when absolutely required, we choose mild preservatives that are extremely light and friendly on the skin. This ensures that the products are as effective as the heavily preserved counterparts, minus the tricky ingredients. Hence, the products feel naturally fresh and nourishing all the time.

Skincare Products Range

Our earth-friendly skincare products are made for nourishing, efficacious results. Every single ingredient we use benefits your skin in some way. Using no unnecessary filler, chemical or additive is central to our formulations. We source some of the most exotic raw materials from across the globe and bring you natural beauty secrets to help your skin shine from within. Our nuanced range of face creams, face oils, and skin exfoliators make you feel the difference.

Cosmetics Products Range

At La Mior, we are redefining luxury beauty by creating amazing products that are trendy, vibrant and long-lasting. We help you get that perfect awe-inspiring look with our craziest range of lip and face makeup products – full of colour, variety and finish options. Be it any mood, look or occasion, we have got you covered. All this while keeping the promise that we would always be cruelty-free, 100% vegetarian and friendly to your skin.